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Direction Asier Altuna , Telmo Esnal

In a cider house deep in the heart of Euskadi, a group of friends in drunken bliss are about to find out the dark side of this special place.



Bergara, 1969. After working as a technician in several feature films, he took to film directing with Telmo Esnal; the two joined hands to write and direct the short films Txotx and 40 ezetz, the feature film Aupa Etxebeste! and the TV series Brinkola. By himself, he has written and directed another four short films (Topeka, Sarean, Artalde and Zela Trovke) and the documentary feature Bertsolari. All of his films have been presented at international festivals and have received numerous awards. In 2008 he founded the production company Txintxua Films, with which he is currently producing a feature film of which he is the screenwriter and director.


Zarautz, 1966. After working as assistant director on various feature films, Telmo began developing his first projects with Asier Altuna. Recently he seems to have taken the leap to working on his own.