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Direction Ione Hernández

Aizea, City of Wind, is an imaginary place where real elements are combined with magical realism. Aida, the protagonist of this story, has broken with the tradition of her village by marrying a foreigner. The Gods and the villagers' fear unleash a windstorm on her wedding day, which ends up blowing away the groom. The infinite patience with which the protagonist waits for her beloved; the innocent, magical world full of angels in which her son Raúl lives; and an unexpected visit by a foreigner, along with an endlessly whispering wind, will challenge a suffocating past that will eventually change the course of these characters' lives.



Donostia / San Sebastian, 1970. After graduating in Journalism from the University of the Basque Country (UPV), she received a scholarship to study Communication in Bordeaux. In 1994, she was awarded a scholarship to complete a Master's in Cinematography in Los Angeles. Upon returning to Spain in 2000, she joins Julio Medem´s production company Alicia Produce. She combines short film direction with the production of institutional videos and commercials. She has also directed three micro-theatre pieces.