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Direction Luiso Berdejo , Borja Cobeaga , Jorge Dorado

The American West. Any village. A preacher who has difficulty in sleeping -A Good Man-. A young girl and a subnormal boy looking for a map -Dio vi benedica a tutti-. A sheriff who doesn’t wash himself -Río Puerco-. Dust, dry blood, horses, guns, dirty hair, sweat, water troughs. Three westerns.



San Sebastian, 1975. He spent his childhood skating in the quarter of Amara, in San Sebastian, in order to overcome the nervousness he felt when he saw making ofs in television.


Donostia / San Sebastian, 1977. He alternates his work in television on programmes like Vaya Semanita with directing short films which have won over a hundred awards, including an Oscar nomination for Éramos pocos and a Goya nomination for La primera vez. He directed the feature films Pagafantas and No controles, and co-authored the screenplays for Amigos and Ocho apellidos vascos.

He is a partner of Arsénico PC and Sayaka Producciones Audiovisuales, along with Borja Crespo, Nahikari Ipiña, Koldo Serra and Nacho Vigalondo.


Madrid, 1976. Up to now, he has directed 6 35 mm short films that, altogether, have made over 50 awards. La guerra (The war) was nominated for best short fiction film at the 2007 Goya Awards. Currently, he works as an advertising producer.