- Traumalogy -

Direction Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

At the wedding of Antonio, the eldest of a five-sibling family, his father has a heart attack. The wedding is interrupted and the whole family goes to the hospital, where all the traumas and miseries appear during a tense night wait.



Madrid, 1970. Professional screenwriter since 1993. His career as a short film director is endorsed by over a dozen short films that have been awarded with more than 150 awards, including a nomination for the Goya awards (Exprés), a preselection for the Oscars (Física II) and the presence at the official section of the Venice Film Festival (La culpa del alpinista).

His feature film debut, Dark Blue Almost Black, has achieved over 50 awards in cinema festivals from all over the world. He premiered two more feature films, Gordos (2009) and Primos (2010) and is now developing the fourth, La gran familia española.