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Direction Jon Garaño , Raúl López

Asämara: sent to work, sent to earn a living.

This is the reality millions of children must face in Africa nowadays, in spite of their extreme youth. Either in the city or in rural areas, their fight is the same: surviving.



Donostia / San Sebastian, 1974. He studied Journalism and Advertising at the University of the Basque Country and Cinema in Sarobe (Basque Country) and in San Diego (USA). In 2001 he founded a production company called Moriarti with other four colleagues, and he has worked as film director and/or screenwriter for many audiovisual projects.


Donostia / San Sebastian, 1971. Videogame graphic designer. He completed his audiovisual learning with cinema and video courses in the Cultural Centre of Larrotxene. Since then, he has worked in many productions as editor and graphic designer and as director in Asämara, Autorretrato and Tras los visillos.