- Mouths of Sand -

Direction Angel Aldarondo

Tuna fish spend months hibernating after the active feeding season in the Cantabrian Sea. Each year these seasons are filmed in rings, leaving opaque areas due to the lack of food.



Donostia / San Sebastian, 1975. As happened to the leading character in Perfume, he was born among fish, for this reason he didn’t try fish until he was 16. First son and now audiovisual one-man-band, he has unconsciously dedicate himself to emulating Homer J. Simpson in his tenacity for collecting jobs, without staying in any of them. His partner and friend in spite of everything Koldo Almandoz is largely guilty for accentuating his incipient work related schizophrenia. At 35 he has discovered that carrying out so many different tasks can cause physical and mental side effects. In spite of this, he says that he is dealing with it all well.