- A western about women -

Direction Raúl de la Fuente

Cerro Rico in Potosí (Bolivia) is a lawless territory, characterised by brutal violence. The miners risk their lives every day, digging for silver and zinc in crumbling galleries. The ones that survive think they’re entitled to anything and everything. And that’s when they go on the hunt… for women. Minerita is the story of three women—Lucía (40), Ivone (16) and Abigail (17)—who work as night watchwomen or inside the mine, struggling to survive in an inhuman inferno. Their only weapon is their courage… and dynamite.



Pamplona, 1974. Director, screenwriter and film producer. In 2015, he was a finalist at the 88th edition of the Academy Awards in the category of Best Short Documentary for Minerita, winner of a Goya in the same category and with more than 130 festivals and 45 awards to date. He is currently directing a film with a mixture of animation and real imagery entitled Un día más con vida (Another Day of Life), based on the novel of the same name by the reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski.