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Direction Kote Camacho

Eugenio heads axe in hand to Don Miguel’s pharmacy, plethoric. Don Miguel only has to sign a few documents in order that the Bank will finally lend Eugenio the money he’s asked for. But instead of signing them and making Eugenio’s day, Don Miguel makes him a deal.



Oiartzun, 1980. He studied Fine Arts in Bilbao, and after working in Madrid and London, he returned to settle in his hometown.
Cartoonist, filmmaker and above all animator, from a young age he experiments with artisanal and digital techniques in a self-taught way. He publishes comics on Napartheid and draws storyboards for Julio Medem, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later, 2007) and Juanjo Elordi (Gartxot, 2011).
He became known as a filmmaker with the visual and narrative experiment La gran carrera (2010), selected in Kimuak and nominated for the EFA. His social drama Elkartea (2013) is the first film in Basque selected at Clermont-Ferrand. With Don Miguel (2014) he debuts an original technique between animation and video, developed for future feature film projects. He also experiments in collaboration with other artists and animators in the Hauzkena Taldea collective, where he co-directs and animates the short films Beti bezperako koplak (Kimuak 2016) and Areka (Kimuak 2017). His animations are also integrated into films by Julio Medem (Caótica Ana, 2007), Lander Camarero (Nuestro Viejo y el Mar, 2017), Thomas Horat (Die Rückkehr der Wölfe, 2019), Oier Aranzabal (Margolaria, 2018) and Ritxi Lizartza (Apaiz Kartzela, 2021). He also writes, produces and directs the documentary Txillardegiren Klika (2019), about the important linguist who awakened the Basque culture movement.