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Direction Colectivo / Kolektiboa / Collective

The horrors of a shipwreck, the bells of a forgotten lighthouse and the coming and going of the tides surround a tale about the sea. Sailor’s Grave is the result of a workshop based on a work method taking its inspiration from the exquisite corpse game, a mechanism of collective creation where the participants manipulate and transform one another’s drawings to construct an intuitive, improvised narration.



Vuk Jevremovic, Carlos Santa, Cecilia Traslaviña, Juan Camilo Gonzalez, José Belmonte, Isabel Herguera, Wang Liming, Cheng Kemei, Richard Reeves, Koldo Almandoz.

10 artists from different disciplines work together on a collective project about the sea. Each one directs an animation workshop carried out simultaneously in different art centres across the world.