- Plague -

Direction Koldo Almandoz

Plague: From the Latin word “plaga” meaning 'blow', 'wound'. Meaning: Massive, sudden appearance of living beings of the same species that cause serious damage to animal or plant populations. Abundance of something harmful.

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Donostia / San Sebastián, 1973. Professional dilettante. Over the last 25 years, his films have been selected and premiered at festivals including Cannes Critics' Week, Rotterdam, San Sebastián, ZINEBI, Gijón, BAFICI, Festival dei Popoli and others. He has been a journalist, managed the magazine The Balde, been programmer for the Punto de Vista festival and made radio fiction, among other jobs. He also gives classes, and edits books at Farmazia Beltza. He is a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society in the UK.